Position:  Behind the Scene Videographer / Grip

Greg Prime

A Web Series about Greg and his roommate, Greg from the Future.

By Andrew Melzer

S01 EP01 "I Cockblock Myself"

Future Greg has to stop his past self from dating the girl of his dreams. Present Greg finds out the man you are might not like the man you will be.

S01, EP02: "I Can't Believe Me"

Past Greg wallows over losing Molly to himself.

Meanwhile, future Greg has to stop his past self from entering a meeting where he sets his company on a course for inventing time travel.

S01, EP03: "I Might Have A Drinking Problem"

After the shocking conclusion of "I Can't Believe Me" the Greg of the present starts to realize that maybe this Greg really isn't him from the future. Maybe he's not even from the future at all...